Does Working Out Increase Testosterone Levels?

Workout increases testosterone levels but not all exercise increase it upto the same level. To have a significant increase in the levels of testosterone one must add T-level activities to your workout exercise. In this article you will find how working out increases the testosterone levels, which exercises will benefit the most and much more.

How Body Workout Increases the Testosterone Levels?

  • After comparing the T-levels in men and women after weight training exercises, the results showed boost in the testosterone levels in men whereas in women there was almost negligible increase.
  • A 2004 study on older men found out that regular body exercise increased testosterone and growth hormone as well as showed postitive affects on the cognitive function.
  • Resistance training and exercises have known to increase the short and long term T-levels.
  • Resistance training specifically weight training workout are very effective in increasing the levels of Testosterone in both short and long term.
  • According to a study the boost in the T-levels in women are temporary and for a short time.


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