Complete Guide To Macros Nutrition

What Are Macros?

Well starting out, Macro is a short form of Macronutrient. Macros or macronutrients are a combination of the three most important set of nutrients i.e proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Whenever you’re on a macros diet your diet will consist of these three nutrients, macros diet can be adjusted accordingly to help you gain muscle, lose weight and to repair your body tissues after strength trainings. Macros diet supplies body the crucial vitamins and minerals that your body needs to perform essential functions from regulating hormones to brain performance. A macros diet is different from traditional weight loss diets and is based on the principles derived from Zen Buddhism. Macronutrients constitute majority of calories present in your food. One gram of carbohydrates provides 4 calories, one gram of protein provides 4 calories, one gram of fats provides 9 calories.

Macros to lose weight

What are the benefits of Macros Diet?

1)Macros For Weight Loss You can track the macros and following that diet will help you to get rid of excess calories and encourage weight loss.

2)Macros For Muscle Gain – Macros diet is rich in proteins and helps in the post workout recovery as well as providing the right amount of protein to your body when needed, therefore it helps in muscle gain and getting the desired results from the strength training.

3)Proper Nutrition People nowadays live a sedentary lifestyle and because of this they dont get the right nutrition from the food they eat, a macros diet containing all the essential nutrients and minerals ensure that people are getting the required nutrition our body needs to work efficiently.

4)Optimal Functioning of Body – Macros diet plan supports our immune system, muscle mass and metabolism as well as the fats present in the macros diet encourage proper nutrients absorption.

How to count Macros in your Diet?

According to a study, adults should get 45 to 65 per cent of their calories from carbs, 10 to 35 per cent from protein and 20 to 35 per cent from fats.

Wait, if you dont understand these percentage of calories that you should try to get from macros diet then not to worry, we have a formula to assist you to manage the quantities of carbs, proteins and fats that constitute your macros diet. You can follow the formula below and can go with including the quantities of macronutrients mentioned in your diet.

Carbs: Calories in one day(1600)*Percentage of calories from carbs(0.5)/No of calories per gram in carbohydrates(4) = 200 grams of carbs per day.

Protein: Calories in one day(1600)*Percentage of calories from protein(0.20)/No of calories per gram in protein(0.30) = 80 grams of protein per day.

Fats: Calories per day(1600)*Percentage of calories from fats(0.30)/No of calories per gram in fat(9) = 53 grams of fat per day.

Macros for weight loss

Is Counting Macros to Lose Weight Any Good?

Macros diet requires a strategic plan to be executed because inculcating specific or fixed amount of calories in your daily diet could prove to be a cumbersome task for some. Macros Diet for weight loss should not be felt as if you are burdened to ingest the food daily that you dont like and it should to treated as a flexible diet which doesn’t strictly restrict you from eating the foods that you used to eat.

That being said you should not completely sideline the fact that you are on a macros diet and vegetables would still be a healthier choice than eating cookies or chips, but according to me if you want to reap maximum benefits than you should maintain a right balance of healthy foods along with not restricting to eat candy or fun foods would be a better approach when on macros nutrition.

Also, some people often have preconceptions about macros diet is that you can eat Pop Tarts or Cheese Doodles when following a macros diet. One must always keep in mind that macros diet is not a diet which will help you to lose weight, rather it encourages counting your calories intake which in turns helps you to encourage healthy eating, so following macros to lose weight along with a flexible diet is the key, regularly eating junk or processed foods even if it adjusts your calories intake is not a thing to do, rather one should focus more on the quality of diet when on macros to lose weight.






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