The Workout For Abs and Butt You can Do From Anywhere

Equipments Not Required

Seeking the perfect workouts for abs and butt but don’t have the equipment then this article is for you.

Generally ab and butt workout are those which cannot be thought of without equipments, equipments are mandatorily required for these but in this article you will get to know how its possible without workout equipments.

Do you know about the superset and triset programming which are based on the concept of using multiple muscle groups more efficiently. In the supersets programming method two exercises are grouped together and you have to do both the exercises one after the other without taking any rest or break. With trisets the group of exercises would consist of three rather than two.

The workout for abs and butt without any equipment that you can do from anywhere makes use of this method which is a good option for people who are not advanced exerciser also and is not intimidating as well. Working out using these methods of exercises keeps your core engaged during the lower body workout which helps to maintain proper techniques and is safe for your core too.

You have to coordinate between the butt moves and core exercises so that the larger and the lower muscles are not tired after working continuously. In this workout every exercise is focussed on various movement patterns for various muscles to provide an overall well-balanced training stimulus.

For example- Your butt which is made up of gluteus maximus, gluteas medius and gluteas minimus which requires focus on three movement patterns- the squat(based on lunge variation), the hip hinge(glute bridge) and the hip external rotation(fire hydrant).

For the abs you should primarily target the “anti movement” moves- The plank and the pilates pilates pulse train anti extension(where you resist arching your lower back), the side plank works anti-lateral flexion(where you resist side bending) and the bird dog trains anti rotation(where your hips and spine brace to resist rotating). The leg lift allows some dynamic movement to really zero in your lower core.

What you need for the Workout?

An exercise mat to make comfortable moves, advanced exerciser’s can also use a mini band above the knees to the glute bridge and fire hydrant for adding more challenge.

Moves Required-

Superset 1 –

  • Curtsy lunge to reverse lunge with hop
  • Plank to side plank

Superset 2 – 

  • Glute Bridge
  • Leg Lift


  • Fire Hydrant
  • Pilates Pulse
  • Bird Dog

Directions- Complete each of the move for 12-15(12-15 per side) reps. Its better to not to rest in between each superset and triset exercise. Each superset and triset has to be completed 3 times, after resting for 1-2 minutes between superset 1and superset 2.





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