Deck Of Cards Workout – What Is It?

What is Deck Of Cards Workout?

The deck of cards workout is based on the card numbers where a particular card represents a specific exercise and the number on the card represents the number of reps that you have to complete.

Surprising isn’t it? But it’s not that easy as you think.

A deck of cards workout can be fun and is an easy way to plan your workout sessions. If you want to do cardio workouts then you will choose exercises to increase heart rate like jumping jacks. If strength training is to be done then your deck of cards workout variations will include resistance exercises like dumbbell chest press, squat presses, burpees, lungee curls or spider pushups.

Deck of cards workout benefits you in many ways, it makes exercise and workout routine interesting and you will motivated as well but it can be draining as well because the number on the card denotes how much reps you are going to perform and demands serious stamina.

Deck of cards workout

How to do Deck Of Cards Workout and Select Exercises?

On a sheet of paper write ace, spades clubs and diamonds and make a deck of cards, after deciding exercise for deck of cards workout. The choice of exercises is completely yours but be sure to choose exercises related to your workout focus. For reference you can look exercises and strength training grouped based on a specific workout focus mentioned below:

Full Body Workout – Sit-ups, squats, push-ups.

Core Workout – Leg Lifts, Sit-ups, oblique twists.

Upper Body Workout – Push-ups, shoulder press, tricep dips.

Lower Body Workout – Bridges, Lunges, Weighted deadlifts.

Cardio Workout – High knees, jumping jacks, burpees.

Now that you have got an idea about how to select the exercises and also group them, we will discuss more about deck of cards workout.

To make it easy see an example on the working of deck of cards workout.

1) Pair the exercises belonging to a workout with each card suit –

  • Diamonds: Squats
  • Hearts: Push Ups
  • Spades: Jumping Jacks
  • Clubs: Sit-Ups

2) We know that the number on the card is the no of reps we will perform so it is better to decide the no beforehand. As a reference assign each face card 11 reps, 15 reps for aces or alternatively you could assign each face card different number of repetitions and for aces also you could follow the same -Different number on each ace card or a similar number on all the ace cards.

3) Deciding the time – You have to decide the time for which you will do a particular exercise. It would be good if you spend atleast 5-10 minutes on a particular exercise.

Benefits of Deck Of Cards Workout

You all know that exercising daily is not an easy task but with the deck of cards workout any exercise we do is much more engaging and doable. With this unique method of doing workout we tend to perform more than we would actually have done that too feeling positive and engaged. Our daily schedule is set and we tend to see the results more quickly as it is intense to perform the reps according to the number which is there on the cards and would help in achieving results be it weight loss or bodybuilding.

Lastly it’s a systematic means of exercising as the number of exercise and reps is pre-defined as earlier without the deck of cards workout strategy it might have been possible that we might cut down our exercises based on our convenience but now we are forced to follow this strategy and perform the exact number of reps written on the card even when we are tired.

What To Do Now?

Now that all is done you just have to start your workout. Shuffle the deck of cards then pick up a card from the deck and perform the exercise according to the number of reps mentioned on the card chosen for the time defined for the exercise associated with that card, now repeat this process till your workout is completed. Yes, you have planned and implemented your complete workout routine with a deck of cards.

Don’t follow the rules mentioned above strictly you can add your own twists and modify the strategies told above. For instance if you chose the same card 3 times during a workout session then you can keep that card aside and pick another card so that you perform a variety of exercises and not only same exercise multiple times. Hope you liked the deck of cards workout. Do write in the comments below that how was your experience with it.



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