8 Easy Ways to Reduce Facial Fat

Facial fat is a challenge as its difficult to remove fat from face if you are already struggling to lose weight, it can be frustrating as well if it bothers you, so here in this article we are going to discuss the strategies to encourage fat burning along with slimming of your face.

Puffier or round face especially in women can be caused by change in the hormones during pregnancy or periods and by thyroid issues in which the metabolic rate of the body reduces which in turn results in facial bloating. Mostly facial fat is due to the weight gain in other areas of the body however by making lifestyle changes can help you to achieve a slimmer face.

8 ways to lose face fat

Here are some of the ways to reduce facial bloating-

1)Focus on Cardio Exercise- Many exercises are there but some are known specially for weight loss than others.

A study in 2012 done to know the effects different types of exercises who were overweight or obese, and according to the results aerobics training which is a type of cardiovascular exercise is the most beneficial in slimming face in comparison to the resistance training which primarily builds lean muscles.

So, aerobics training exercises are very important if you are specially looking to lose weight. Its completely your choice to perform cardio at a low, moderate or high intensity but as a matter of fact performing high intensity exercises several times a week help to burn fat much faster.

According to a study in which postmenopausal women were told to do different amount of exercise which included moderate to high intensity workouts for a period of 12 months, so those who worked out more than 300 minutes per week burned more of their body fat than those who did only 150 minutes a week.

This study overall suggested that cardio exercises are effective in burning body fat thus slimming your face as well.

2) Facial Exercises- As its already known that doing facial exercises helps to strengthen and tone muscle facial muscles but its not clear whether these facial exercises help reduce facial fat or not. Though facial exercises tend to make our face look more firmer and sleek as we lose weight.

3) Cut back on Sodium- Sodium is known to retain the water inside our body which in turn causes facial bloating and our face looks puffier. You don’t need to be a nutritionist to manage your diet, its just that you have to check the salt contents of the processed foods you usually eat.

Making these changes and reducing the level of salt intake can help in reducing the amount of sodium you consume.

What happens is when you eat those salty potato chips or sodium rich sushie, they will increase the level of salt in your body and our body tends to hold more water so as to prevent from dehydration which in turn cause the face puffiness.

CDC recommends to not consume more than 2,300 mg of sodium per day as a part of healthy eating diet. Just manage to keep it under this level and then you are good to go.

4) Drink More Water- What to do if you have consumed excess of salt after having a heavy meal, don’t worry just sip 1-2 glass of water and then the body will flush the excess salt out through urine.

Also drinking a glass full of water before having your meal makes you feel fuller and thereby reducing the amount of food you would have eaten, which will reduce the calories and help in the weight loss, as weight gain is caused by the excess calories you eat which are then stored as fats.

Also drinking water promotes lipolysis, in which body breaks down the fat stores into the fatty acids which is used to generate energy, so this by drinking water you are encouraging fat loss too.

5) Reduce Alcohol Consumption- As you read above about the benefits of drinking water, just imagine what would happen in case of dehydration, and alcohol consumption causes dehydration which also alerts the body to hold more and more water also called water retention in simple words.

Alcohol contains lots of calories and offers no nutritional value making it a perfect source of easy weight gain, its not over yet, alcohol also suppresses the hormones that are responsible for us feeling fuller after a meal, so if we are consuming alcohol we might overeat and consume the excess calories which will cause weight gain and facial bloating.

So, people who want to reduce facial fat or lose weight might consider reducing their intake of alcohol consumption to achieve a slim and fat free face.

6) Get Adequate Sleep- Do you know about the hormone which causes the feelings of fullness after the meals, also do you know that hormone is related to your sleep, so indirectly sleep is related to weight loss.

Lets discuss in more detail.

Ghrelin is a hormone which causes the feelings of being hungry and leptin is a hormone that tell the body to stop eating and lack of sleep increases the levels of ghrelin and decreases the levels of leptin, so a person who sleeps less eats more and vice versa.

Simply getting the adequate sleep can help lose weight and decrease the amount of fat stored in the face.

7) Include veggies and whole grains- First of all try reducing the processed foods and refined carbohydrates as they are stores of calories and mostly nutrient and vitamins deficit because during processing they lose their fiber and nutrients.

Focus on including moreĀ of leafy greens, fruits and high fiber veggies that are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber which maintain proper nutrition as well as keep you full.

With proper exercises and healthy diets people can lose face and body fat easily.

8) Lower Sugar Intake- Sugar is very damaging to human body, it can cause weight gain, diabetes and even increase the risk of diseases like stroke and heart attack. But you can prevent all of them just simply cutting or reducing your sugar intake.

Long term affects of reducing sugar intake are quite impressive as you will be full of energy and your moods swings will temper and will even help in reducing the depression symptoms.

Sugar often causes fatigue and tiredness in our bodies and on top of it contributes to weight gain as its high on calories, so its better to cut it down to reduce weight and make our face slimmer.





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